• Full stainless steel body and interior baking chamber
  • Reversing fan to ensure even cooking
  • Basic & easy to use controls knobs
  • Fitted with thermostat temperature control, timer and humidity dial
  • Manual humidity (STEAM.Plus) button for steam generating baking or cooking
  • Trolley in unit, able to accommodate up to 20x GN 2/1 sized containers (650 x 530 mm) or 40x GN 1/1 sized containers (530 x 325 mm)
  • Humidity Control: Manual Dial


Available Optional Add On :
Trolleys and cooking essentials


Dimension: 866(L) x 1237(D) x 1863(H) mm
Voltage: 415V/3Ph/50Hz, 46.7 Kw
Type: XV 4093

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