For the past 30 years, Mok Lee has fitted out various kitchens all over Singapore and Asia with best-fit solutions based on their requirements. Partnering with reputed overseas companies, we offer customers a broad range of bakery equipment.

We can advise you on the right equipment to fit your kitchen size, power usage and capacity needs. All our bakery equipment come with a one year brand warranty. Should you happen to face issues throughout the lifetime of your equipment, you can look to our maintenance services for help.

Mok Lee also offers trade-in and reselling of pre-owned and used bakery equipment. Our experienced team will carefully assess the equipment’s condition to determine its reuse value for customers.



Mok Lee understands that fulfilling the needs of your kitchen does not simply stop after equipment purchase. From small local bakeries to large F&B chains, we have kept their bakery equipment in top working condition.

The F&B industry demands a high degree of food safety. Making sure your kitchen equipment is well-maintained will help prevent potential workplace hazards and food contamination.

We offer maintenance, repairs, overhaul, and rust protection and spray painting for bakery equipment that has been sold by us. Our team is committed to the uptime and hygiene of your kitchen.

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