PLANETARY MIXER are multi-functional mixers with a fixed, non-rotating bowl. The bowl is raised and lowered into the mixing position. The utensil rotates around the non-rotating bowl like the way the planets rotate the sun. That’s why it’s called a Planetary mixer. This is a great choice as a pizza dough mixer as well a mixer for cakes, pastries, and bread. Many different kinds of customers, ranging from small caterers to large-scale baked goods companies, use a Planetary mixer.

One of the main benefits of a Planetary mixer is the ability to add attachments to this bakery mixer. With the many attachments available, it can turn into a meat grinder or vegetable slicer. Do you need to make some batter? It’s not a problem with the Planetary mixer. It can also whip potatoes. Because of this versatility, many bakers and pastry shops use this mixer. A paddle attachment allows for blending and creaming. These mixers a great choice for pie crusts, cake fillings, and cookie dough. If meringue or whipped cream is needed, the whip attachment can be used. Pizza shops and bakeries can take advantage of the dough hook attachment for all their dough mixing needs.