People Impotence One of Greek Ladies Which have Numerous Sclerosis: Correlations Having Normal and you can Psychological Things

Numerous Sclerosis (MS) try a chronic neurological problem that usually takes place involving the years out-of 20 and 50 years. Sex circumstances are essential points affecting the caliber of existence from people.

To determine and you can evaluate the prevalence out of lady impotence (FSD) inside the Greek ladies with MS and you may correlate it which have normal and psychological things.


248 consecutive girls with MS, aged more 18 which acknowledge to our outpatient centers off was indeed within the analysis. Demographics (ages, marital condition, menopausal position, number of people) and you will state-relevant research such as the lifetime of the disease, Longer Disability Condition Measure (EDSS) and you will therapy getting MS received.

Chief Benefit Level

All participants completed the Greek confirmed types of Depression, Stress, Stress Scale (DASS-21) together with People Sexual Function Index (FSFI) forms. Analytics always guess this new frequency from FSD and its relationship that have organic (decades, EDSS, duration of the condition, menopausal status) and you may emotional products (depression, nervousness, stress).


FSD are recognized inside 64.5% in our attempt. Decades try associated with the really subscales of FSFI. There is zero extreme relationship inside FSFI subscales into the condition period. Correlation off EDSS and you can FSFI score are found to be mathematically significant having a bad correlation in every subscales apart from the Fulfillment subscale. Regarding the organization between DASS domains and FSFI subscales, there are no extreme correlations.


FSD is typical among Greek lady; it is influenced by many years, seriousness regarding state, and is independent of the lifestyle off depression, nervousness, and you may worry.

Konstantinidis C, Tzitzika M, Bantis Good, mais aussi al. Girls impotence among Greek women having multiple sclerosis: Correlations with natural and you can psychological products. Intercourse Med 2019;7:19–25.


Numerous sclerosis (MS) are a degenerative, neurologic disease impacting 2.5 million some body internationally . Beginning is normally amongst the age of 20 and you can fifty having most cases recognized between your period of 20 and you will 31.step one, 2 More than doubly of numerous ladies was identified as having MS than men.dos Typically, the initial warning signs of MS can be found amongst the period of 20 and 40 years, hence things regarding sexual setting are essential affairs affecting patients’ high quality of lives (QoL) and you will virility.step three If diligent is confronted with MS, sexuality try reshaped against a foundation of earlier intimate knowledge and you may standards.2

People sex is actually a good multidimensional topic.cuatro The female intimate form is actually a complicated process related to physiological, psychosocial, and you will social circumstances.3 It is estimated that forty–80% out-of female MS people experience ladies erectile dysfunction (FSD).step three, 4, 5, six, seven Women affected by MS is confronted with finding a great lover, building a relationship, performing group, and you can leading regimen sexual things.3 Buildings from sex instance actual intimate solutions, attitudes from appearance and elegance in order to thinking and others, interaction and you will relationship, self-picture and you can notice-esteem, therefore the sense of endorsement and you will bill that the girl educated of others in her own day to day life often influence intimate choices and you will relationship just after prognosis.8

There’ve been quicker notice paid off towards the volume and attributes away from intimate complaints certainly females which have MS in comparison to people.9, ten not, specific knowledge revealed that ladies that have MS experience impotence far more are not in accordance with an advanced than just guys.10, 11, twelve Earlier education receive changeable dating anywhere between FSD and you can many years, disease years, impairment, situation movement, or other apparent symptoms of the disease.eleven, twelve, thirteen, 14, fifteen Zivadinov et al thirteen indicated that sexual dysfunction in females try significantly coordinated with impairment, years, the key modern pattern of the situation and you may periods, including despair, bladder malfunction, exhaustion, and cognitive issues. No matchmaking was located ranging from disease years, second modern MS, and you can colon malfunction.