He stood regarding the 5 ft and you may 4 in (1

Drizzt Do’Urden was a great drow. 6 m) extreme and considered from the 130 pounds (59 kilograms). [13] Their good looking possess was evident and well proportioned and you may, like many drow, Drizzt’s body is actually black and his stark white tresses try much time, dense, and you may moving. His vision was indeed an excellent lavender tone (somewhat different from the fresh drow race’s typical red-colored, although the guy used his infravision, which usually caused attention to glow red) and you may appeared to shine fiercely as he are angry or computed. [20]

Their attention used to be familiar with the new slope-blackness of Underdark. Although not, ages immediately after Drizzt basic ventured onto the facial skin, their eyes adjusted on the vibrant light worldwide over. While using the his infravision, the pictures, if stored getting a prolonged time period, caused stress or other symptoms of filter systems. [21]

He generally used a tree-green cloak which had been given to your by Crying Friars through to their deviation so you’re able to Icewind Dale, high black footwear, and a great necklace linked to a light unicorn lead, the new icon out-of his goddess, Mielikki, the fresh goddess of rangers. So it symbol is crafted for your because of the their buddy Regis regarding hookup app Augusta scrimshaw (the fresh bone of knucklehead trout utilized in Icewind Dale). [20]

Personality [ ]

Careful and sensitive to anybody else, Drizzt held himself on higher ideals however, didn’t expect the latest exact same off others. The guy credited Catti-brie to own imparting social good sense and you will threshold abreast of him. [22] Previously aware to possess treachery and you will issues, he talked little however, try apt to be polite (if terse) inside the transactions. A compulsive which yearned to get accepted on cities and you can groups and also to socialize generally, Drizzt try troubled because of the possibility he brought to those people the guy befriended, thanks to the scrutiny of the clerics out of Lolth and his awesome other enemies (notably the fresh demon Errtu as well as the human assassin Artemis Entreri). Men and women he fulfilled perceived him as having a grim fashion. [citation needed]

In the advancing years, Drizzt’s mission was perfection of human body together with his blades in the race. [23] Drizzt don’t need their god to determine his procedures; he previously to help you go along with those actions himself. [24]

The fresh Huntsman [ ]

For the seemingly rare instances, Drizzt regressed toward an excellent bestial and you may instinctive state of mind you to definitely he identified as the newest “Hunter”. The 1st time which happened was after Drizzt had fled out-of Menzoberranzan and is actually residing new wilds of one’s Underdark. Of these a decade, the guy appeared near to being totally overwhelmed through this animalistic identity, however, first started understanding how to learn it as he emerged near to injuring particular svirfneblin students. [25] On heat away from battle, whenever their family seemed to be inside the great chances otherwise when he was by yourself about desert, Drizzt create sometimes cure control of themselves otherwise give in in order to new cravings of your Hunter, eg when he returned to his homeland to cease spoil from arriving at their family. [26] Other analogy try when, for the battle having King Obould Of numerous-Arrows with his horde out-of orcs, Drizzt had envision Bruenor dead, and was not particular when the his most other household members had been alive. [27] [28]

When Drizzt try brand new Hunter, he achieved his real apex, their feel honed on their extreme height. His scimitars had been such as for example extensions of his personal possession, and his senses was indeed heightened beyond its regular potential. [citation needed]

Efficiency [ ]

Just like the an excellent drow, Drizzt is actually innately in a position to summon worlds regarding impenetrable enchanting darkness at usually in the a location otherwise connected with an objective. He could including summon a safe faerie fire, reddish fire you to definitely did not burn but may get noticed and you will detail by detail a goal, making it easier to recognize, even when the address became hidden. Each time, he previously the capability to levitate, however, missing which element and his awesome almost every other inborn performance on leaving the fresh new Underdark. This was due to the lack of faerzress on the surface globe. He could, however, nevertheless adjust their sight to your infrared range, enabling him to see in the dark. Their speed and you can fighting prowess was indeed epic, and lots of revealed their actions since the too quickly to check out having the attention, drow or people. [citation needed]