Comodo online protection – Block/allow Websites Selectively to Users of one’s Computer

Comodo Web Security lets you specify just one or perhaps band of website(s) that may be selectively allowed or obstructed to various users of one’s computer. Configuring the filtering that is website two steps:

To determine categories that are website

Open ‘Tasks’ user interface by pressing the green curved arrow at top right associated with the ‘Home’ display.

Open ‘Firewall Tasks’ by clicking ‘Firewall Tasks’ from the Tasks software and then click ‘Open Advanced Settings’.

Click ‘Website Filtering’ under Firewall from the hand side pane that is left.

Make sure that the ‘Enable web site Filtering Filtering’ checkbox is selected.

Click ‘Categories’ tab from the ‘site Filtering’ software.

Click the handle through the bottom center for the wix customer support chat ‘Categories’ pane, click ‘Add’ from the choices and select ‘Add Category’ from the drop-down. The ‘Edit Property’ dialog shall start.

Enter title for the category and then click OK. The category that is new be produced and added beneath the ‘Categories’ tab.

Choose the category, click on the handle in the bottom of this ‘Categories’ pane, click ‘Add’ then choose ‘Add site’ from the menu that is drop-down. The ‘Add site’ dialog will start:

Go into the full URL or a part of Address with a wildcard character ‘*’ for the website(s) to be contained in the category.

  • To incorporate a website/webpage that is specific go into the full URL associated with the website/webpage
  • To add all sub-domains of internet site, put in a wildcard character and a duration as you’re watching Address. As an example, * will take care of,,, an such like.
  • To add most of the sites with URLs that focus on a string that is specific include a wildcard character following the sequence. As an example, “pizza*” will cover ‘’,, and so forth.
  • To incorporate all of the internet sites with URLs which contain a string that is specific include the wildcard character pre and post the sequence. As an example, “*pizza*” will cover, an such like.

The s that are website( is going to be put into the category.

Perform the method to incorporate more internet sites.

Click OK into the ‘Advanced Settings’ screen to save lots of your settings

To generate guidelines for selectively blocking or allowing sites to users

Open ‘Firewall Tasks’ by clicking ‘Firewall Tasks’ from the Tasks user interface and click ‘Open Advanced Settings’.

Click ‘Website Filtering’ under Firewall from the hand side pane that is left.

Click ‘Rules’ tab through the ‘site Filtering’ interface.

Click on the handle in the bottom associated with the Rules interface and select ‘Add’:

Enter a title for the filter that is new in ‘internet site Filtering Rule’ dialog.

Choose the groups that needs to be included with the filter:

  • Click on the handle at the end associated with ‘Category’ pane and select ‘Add’.

pick a category and then click ‘OK’ to incorporate it to your guideline. Perform the procedure to incorporate more categories.

The ‘categories’ screen contains an inventory pre-defined Comodo groups and any user produced groups. Comodo categories can not be modified.

  • Comodo Safe Sites – sites which can be considered safe in accordance with whitelist that is global
  • Comodo Phishing web web Sites – web sites that lead to phishing sites, as per dynamically updated Comodo Blacklist
  • Comodo Malware web web Sites – web sites that could inject spyware to your system, as per dynamically updated Comodo Blacklist

For lots more information on producing and user that is modifying categories, relate to the part determining or Modifying Website Categories

Include Users or User Groups to who the rule should really be used:

  • Click on the handle in the bottom associated with the ‘Restrictions’ pane and then click ‘Add’. The ‘Select User or Group’ dialog will appear:
  • Enter the names regarding the users to who the filter is usually to be used when you look at the ‘Enter the item name to choose’ text package with all the format or @ . Alternatively, click ‘Advanced’ then ‘Find Now’ to find users that are specific. Simply Click ‘OK’ to ensure the addition for the users.

Crucial Note to IE 11 users: if you use web browser 11 and above, it really is mandatory to include the consumer group ‘ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES’ to your limitations list besides the added users for every single guideline you create.

The guideline takes effect that is full on including this individual team.

To incorporate ‘ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES’ towards the limitations list

Simply Simply Simply Click ‘Advanced’ into the ‘choose consumer or Group’ dialog

Click ‘Find Now’ and choose ‘ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES’ through the variety of users and groups shown in the list at the end

  • After including target users or teams, you next need certainly to specify whether those users should really be permitted or obstructed from viewing the web sites into the category or they must be expected if they desire to continue. This is accomplished by changing the hyperlink into the ‘Restrictions’ column:

Allow- web sites into the groups may be accessed by the individual.

Block – the web sites within the groups may not be accessed because of the individual.

Ask- An alert shall be displayed within the web browser in the event that individual attempts to access some of the web sites when you look at the category. The consumer can determine whether or otherwise not to keep.

  • Utilize the ‘Logging’ change to select whether or not tries to access a classified internet site are logged.

Simply Simply Simply Click ‘OK’ to save lots of your brand-new guideline. The guideline will be effective straight away.

You can easily disable or allow guidelines at any right time utilising the switch beneath the ‘Enable Rule’ line.